You Can Do Your Own Facial Masks At Home!

Published: 27th April 2012
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You Can Do Your Own Facial Masks at Home
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Are you as tired of spending money on facial masks that we can’t even pronounce the ingredients as I am? I am so upset that they don’t seem to work, aren’t you? I think I have found the perfect solution!

I have started making my own facial masks at home using the food and other ingredients from my kitchen. Isn’t that a hoot? And you can do it too!

Yes, it can be messy, yes it does take a little time (very little), but pretty easy. Of course it is not as easy as having the professional facial masks in a salon or buying the expensive ones along with all the beauty creams, or as I say, “lotions and potions”. But if you can read a simple recipe and follow it and have the ingredients, making your own facial mask is really quite simple and doesn’t take very long either.

Our ancestors did it before us
Queen Cleopatra used to soak in a milk bath with rose petals to keep her skin baby soft. Scientists have told us that the Maya used aloe vera and royal bee jelly to fight free radicals. Of course they didn’t know about free radicals then, they just knew it kept their skin young and soft.

Did your mother or grandmother have a secret facial mask you may not have known about? Mine did. All I can remember is it used cucumber. However she did it, she had beautiful skin with almost no wrinkle until she left us at 82. Natural food has always been good for us, so why not natural based beauty care for our skin with some of the same products. I have added natural facial masks to my weekly routine and it was easy. You can too.

Benefits of natural homemade facial masks
You can just imagine the benefits of creating your own facial masks at home:

• It’s doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Who says it costs a lot. A facial mask made at home just costs a few dollars for the few ingredients, some you already have in your kitchen.

• It is truly natural. You are using ingredients right from your own kitchen that don’t contain any of the stuff we can’t pronounce that we get at the store. Do you really want to risk your skin? The ingredients we use from the kitchen are the same ones we eat, like banana, oatmeal, honey, milk and lemon. If we can eat them, they certainly can’t hurt our skin.
• It’s convenient. How hard is it if you can do it right in your own kitchen? Facial masks are quick and easy, take just a few minutes to mix the proscribed ingredients correctly and then only about 15 minutes on your face and then you are finished and out the door.
• Many from just a few ingredients. As long as you learn the ingredients and what they do for your skin, you can create a lot of your own special facial masks at home. Just with milk, oatmeal, banana, aloe vera and tea tree oil you can make at least five different facial masks! And how easy it is!
• Can you make money from it? Once you have learned the recipes and seen the great results and your friends have seen the results, you might want to create, bottle and sell or give them away as gifts. What a great way to start a new business!

Just try some of the recipes, see how easy it is, see how great your skin looks and feels, and you will really want to replace the “lotions and potions” with your own special beauty masks.

Barbee Heiny is a business woman who has been looking for natural skin care products and not finding many has researched creating her own from simple kitchen products. Check out her website at:Organic Skin Care Recipes, where she provides articles on Organic Skin Care, including 5 Basic Kitchen Ingredients to Make Recipes for Face Masks , A Great Face Mask Recipe for 5 Common Skin Problems , and much more.

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